ABOUT International Projects 2007 to 2019


Sadhya performed “Remembering The Mahatma” for President’s visit in Manilla, Phillipines Sadhya performed “The Mystical forest” in Danang, Ho Chi Minh City, Mytho, Vietnam.


Sadhya performed, "The Mystical Forest" for the Festival of India in Budapest, Hungary under the aegis of Ministry


Sadhya had the World Premiere of its production, “The Mystical Forest” in the Festival produced by Kala Nidhi Fine Arts of Canada. The theme of the festival was, “New Directions in Indian Dance”. March 2014

Sadhya represented India in the 2nd Indo-Arab Festival in Algiers under the aegis of ICCR performing in Algiers, Tlemcen & Annaba. A fantastic exchange of learning each others styles culminating into a performance was the highlight of the Festival. November 2014.


Santosh Nair appointed as the Artistic Director for Moving Earth Project with Sampad South Asian arts as part of the London 2012 events in Birmingham, UK.
Raw Energy project as part of International Dance Festival in Birmingham, UK choreographed by Nanda Kumar & Arjun Kohli.
Re-mounting of “Stealth” with artistes from both Sadhya & Sampradaya Dance Creations for Sampradaya’s Home Season. Sadhya’s artistes were Nanda Kumar, Rishi Sharma & Neha Sharma.


Game of Dice performed at India Festival in Graz, Pinzgao & Salzburg, Austria under the aegis of ICCR.
Game of Dice performed for Kalanidhi Festival, Toronto, Canada.


Choreographed Stealth for Ottwa Dance Festival for Sampradaya Dance Creation.


India Festival,Moscow under aegis of ICCR
Dance Intense-Master Class for Sampradaya Dance Creation


Game of Dice performed at National Theatre, Oslo, Norway.


Performance for IBSA Festival, Brazil & Port of Spain.
Motherland Project with Sampad Soth Asian Arts.

ABOUT COLLABORATIVE Projects 2011 to 2019


World Dance Day celebration was initiated by Santosh Nair in 2011 as an association with IHC & Sadhya. 65 artistes from ten different dance companies took to the stage & celebrated what they love most…Dance.


Sadhya was able to get the support of National School of Drama & The Indian Council of Cultural Relations and the occasion got celebrated at Abhimanch, NSD with around eighty artistes.


2013 saw a very interesting venue-the Plaza Steps at the India Habitat Centre where 100 artistes from different genres of dance performed creating a much appreciated spectacle for the audience.


In 2014 it went a step further…. the occasion got celebrated at two different venues….on two different dates…At Meghdoot Theatre 3, Sangeet Natak Akademi on the 27 th April’2014 & at Plaza Steps, India Habitat Centre on 29 th April’2014…….WITH 120 artistes.


2015 saw 130 artistes presenting an eclectic mix of traditional, classical & contemporary dance styles, where the experimental piece strung together simultaneous performances by ten different dance companies. A full house ticketed show at Kamani Auditorium, with a few hundred still waiting outside reflected both the popularity and the excellence of the showcase.


2016 was a change of city, World Dance Day was presented in NCPA, Mumbai with the best of the companies in Contemporary, Classical & popular Dance Styles. The show was a runaway success with eight dance companies & eighty artistes.


2017 promised yet again the fervour of this beautiful journey that gocreated with the performances of different dance companies presenting a bouquet of the distinct genres. This was presented by NCPA, MUMBAI in association with Sadhya, Santosh Nair.


2018 was another feather in the cap, The World dance Day got celebrated in two cities, Mumbai at Tata Theatre, NCPA & Siri Fort Auditorium, Delhi. Nearly 250 artistes were a part of this grand event.


In 2019 the celebrations were held at Sangeet Shyamala and at Meghdoot Theatre, Sangeet Natak Akademi, Delhi, with more than 150 artistes.