Nataraj – The Lord of Dance

A word about the production…

Nataraj- The Lord of Dance-transforms vision into a visual expression.
It reflects Sadhya’s belief of an existence of a beautiful bond between tradition & modernity.
It salutes the strength of our culture and at the same time applauds innovation.
Nataraj-The Lord of Dance-is a tribute to the source of all movements-SHIVA.

It showcase the various aspects of Shiva :
 The timeless, space less, mysterious, complex – Lord of the Universe-a yogi who cannot be named but is Adi guru (the first guru)
 The creator manifold-of sound, rhythm, melody, movement and as such life.
 The ideal lover, who is inseparable from Shakti, there is no Shakti without Shiva and Shakti is His expression. The two are one-the absolute state of being-consciousness and bliss.
 The destroyer of darkness, of the chains that bind us, of all- that is ignorant, lazy, jealous or envious. He destroys these chains for us to become one with him.

Nataraj – The Lord of Dance is also a sincere attempt to thread different dance styles-classical, traditional.


Choreography : Santosh Nair
Music : Sharat Chandra Shrivastava, Upmanyu Bhanot
Lights : R.K.Dhingra
Production Executive : Nalini Sharma


On stage artists : 8
Technical & Production : Two


50 min