THE GAME OF DICE – is a multi-media dance production where art is brought back with a zing exposing a new style to the audience.

The production draws from :
Kathakali-with its rigorous, dramatic and vibrant outlook.

Mayurbhanj Chhau-with its high energy, control and martial arts spirit and Contemporary dance with its creativity and experimentation.

The elements are brought together through the medium of an episode of MAHABHARATA ( The National Epic of India ).

THE GAME OF DICE- which has

  • A fantastic breadth of vision.
  • A riveting plot and a compelling dramatic structure.
  • Complex but real characters.
  • Wisdom with messages relevant even today.


  • Though the subject is from our National Epic- Mahabharata, its treatment is on a contemporary line.
  • Aspects like music & costumes, have been experimented upon to create a different feel & look.
  • The production is interspersed in various sections with our own interpretation of both the characters & their conflicts.
  • The hallmark of the production has been that both the artist community & the common man have been able to relate to it and it has certainly
    created a new benchmark in the Indian contemporary dance scene, with a tremendous response from audiences both in India & abroad.


Choreography : Santosh Nair
Music :  Sharat Chandra Shrivastava
Light Designing :  Gautam Bhattacharya
Production Executive : Nalini Sharma


On stage artists : 11
Technical & Production : Two


1 hr